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Get Discovered On Twitch And Other Media!

Turn WraeClub traffic into legitimate twitch/youtube traffic, in real time! WraeClub isnt like many places you might find online, in the sense that we actually ENCOURAGE a bit of self-promotion… By embedding (and linking to) your content – on YOUR profile/listings – views get funneled straight into your media’s statistics!

In today’s world, EVERYONE is online in multiple different venues. As you’re all aware, twitch and youtube are basically the first stops, when gamers are creating outlets for an online presence.

These places are great ways to share your gaming content, and more. Their greatness comes with a trade-off, however… Competition and Content Saturation!
Since so many people have accounts and content on twitch and youtube, it can be hard to get discovered, regardless of the content quality.

One of WraeClub’s primary objectives is to help poe players get noticed, the best it can. It does so by providing a couple ways in which you can turn Wraeclast traffic into youtube/twitch traffic! Here’s how it works…

  • When editing your profile, there are several entries you can fill out – info for your youtube/twitch channels, as well as other misc social-media related entries. Upon completion of those fields, anyone who happens to stumble across your WraeClub profile, and click on it, will have a chance to see (and perhaps, investigate) your youtube/twitch URLs. Who knows – they might like what they see, follow, and subscribe. Alternatively, at the bottom of the PoE players list, on twitch itself, there’s a good chance you might have never been clicked by the person/people that discover you serendipitously, here, on WraeClub.
    Heres where you link that information

    (the “media information” field-group)

    Users can access other users’ profiles (including yours, of course) by:
    1. going to the link, directly (@ wraeclast.club/user/[username])
    2. clicking the name of any listing's author
    3. Finding (and clicking on) a user, via the Members Directory (https://wraeclast.club/members/)
  • When creating a listing, you can have your twitch channel (including its chat) embedded directly on the page, towards the top of your post. This works alot like youtube; where they provide a button to click, that yields a code to paste elsewhere, which will embed the video. Instead of a youtube vid; however, its your stream, and its provided by twitch. This method literally converts the views from that WraeClub page’s traffic, directly into your Twitch channel’s traffic, in real time! A view on that page, is a view on your twitch.tv/[handle] url; so now, your viewers can watch (and chat with) you there, or click the embed to go to your url – either way, the result on your stream’s analytics is the same, and users dont have to bother navigating anywhere besides where they found you (less clicking required on their part, if they dont want to actually go to the url in another tab/browser (convenience!)). For your listings to do this, you only have to do ONE thing!
    1. When editing your profile, simply enter your handle as shown here. As long as that is there, your listings/posts will always contain your stream and its chat!
    2. Once the the profile information is published, things will look something like this:
    The profile page:

    Any listings you create:

    (this is the page where wraeclub’s views turn into YOUR views)