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Feedback and Ratings Systems

When deciding on who to choose, to join – whether it be for an individual listing (eg. a carry service); a group listing (eg. a masters/mapping rotation); or a competitive event (eg. some arbitrary listing, outlining an event, its rules, and rewards of ‘god knows what,’) – ratings and feedback can certainly become important factors within your decision making process. Of course, this is increasingly important, when other arguably, equally viable alternatives exist, to choose from.

  1. If a carry service provider, wanting to sell his service, has low stars and terrible feedback from the majority of his/her past participants… you can, thankfully, see that information, and dodge a potential waste of money time and effort, dealing with this user. As a seller, positive feedback and ratings can of course provide you with a ‘competitive advantage’ perhaps even warranting a higher (and, as a result, ‘acceptable’) fee/rate charged, for the service(s).
  2. Ratings like these, for a post, can certainly indicate whether a person has been caught on multiple occasions, creating, say, masters rotas, then dipping out when it comes time to run THEIR master (or found to be lying about their masters’ level; boasting ‘level 8,’ only to result in the reality of the situation – a 5, not 8). Good to see this information, eh? These – like listings above (and even events, below) – can also result in positive feedback, increasing the likelihood of creating a functional party, as users flock to your post due to your great feedback.
  3. Events… Feedback becomes increasingly important. Is this event a ‘scam,’ according to majority of past participants? Did the author pay out, when they lost? Was the event even fun, at all? Again, good info to have.

Here are some sample images, pertaining to feedback and ratings on the site:

From a bird's eye view perspective: (click to close/expand)

From within an actual listing: (click to close/expand)

TLDR: Feedback and ratings for a listing can help reliable authors stand out. As a user, these can help avoid scams. For more tips on avoiding scams in path of exile, Check this “path of scams” post out.