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Description of Category: Individual Listings - WTS Misc Services

This category is intended for listings which aim to match a player who is offering something, with another player who is in search of something – specifically, misc services that do not quite fit into the other provided categories. Sample misc services could be things like:
– MTX demo services, where you help players decide on MTX-related purchases by showing off which ones you have that they’re interested in
– Build advice services, where you help people create (or optimize) builds they have in mind
– Summoners’ corpse services, where you offer access to your open portals in high level maps, so summoners can get beefy minions from the high-level corpses within
Authors here – like other WTS service posts/listings – are creating posts with the intent of selling (not buying) their service, for a fee.
Any other applicable details of interest should be noted within the context of the post created.