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Description of Category: Individual Listings - WTS Mirror Services

This category is intended for listings which aim to match a player who is offering something, with another player who is in search of something – specifically, Mirror Services on GG items that have been crafted by players.
Authors for these listings should be sure to mention some of the common stipulations involved with mirror services, such as:
-whos chromatic orbs (if required)
-means of collateral
-fee (charged, in addition to the buyer’s own mirror)
-finders fees available (if any)
For these listings, the official forums do just fine of a job in terms of receiving feedback and the lack of a REAL need for relatively real-time communication and such (the PM’s on the site, there, are adequate, due to the lack of volume for the number of participants a mirror service seller is likely to get). In other words, a seller in this case is not likely to be swarmed with people who can afford to buy their mirrored item, thus, slower communication results are typically acceptable by both parties.
However, this category is created on WraeClub anyways, for two primary reasons:
1. to provide another marketing channel for the sellers
2. to allow potential buyers to easily search/filter/browse through the various mirrorable options available for a particular item slot, without too much digging, and a chance for less waiting (since real time communication methods ARE available here; thus, COULD hasten things up at least a little for both parties involved).