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This category includes listings which were created by [potential] BUYERS, of particular items/services, in which someone may come check on, as a seller, to see if they’ve got anything these players want by chance. These include listings such as:
-WTB rare helm enchants
-WTB uber trials of ascendancy (experimental)
-WTB hideout decoration templates
PoE has many ways in which sellers can list items on a WTS-basis; however, what happens when a person in the market to buy an item, cant find the item they’re looking for, using some of the more traditional methods (ie- poetrade/poeapp/trade-chat (lol)/etc). Creating listings in this category offers another way in which potential buyers can acquire the item in which they’re struggling to find.
One of the most common scenarios that perfectly suits these listings… Extremely Niche Helmet Enchantments! Uber lab farmers aren’t going to spam uncommon helmets with their helm enchant opportunities, unless the demand + profits are ‘there.’ When overall players’ demand is absent for a helm (or enchant), certain combos might never be created. The farmers don’t want to waste an uber enchant on ‘trash,’ right?
Well some people are willing to pay good money for this ‘trash,’ especially since the supply on this ‘trash’ can be very limited (or non-existent).
To better their odds, these WTB folks can create a post here, describing what they’re looking for, and their current offer. Who knows – a curious user on this site could be browsing this category, see the offer amount ($) and suddenly decide that the aforementioned ‘trash,’ is certainly worth trying to obtain, in order to sell to the listing’s author.
For ITEMS: In general – try to find an item on poeapp/poetrade/etc first… If the result is ‘no luck,’ maybe try creating a listing in this category.
(experimental) uber lab trials concept

Perhaps we can make the nonsensical phrases, involving “LF ___ Trial,” make more sense, at last lol.
Typically, it is a bit odd to request that someone invite you for an uber lab trial completion. This is because players can not spawn trials of any kind, in maps, with the snap of their fingers.
However, during the onset/beginning it of your trial hunt, it might be worth your time to create a post here, listing the trials you’ll need to take on your uber labyrinth ascendancy. The reason this makes a bit more sense than requesting for the trial(s) in, say, global 820, is because HERE, you can fire up your list of 6 trials required, from the start. As users find trials in their maps, they too might also consider it worth their time to come here and check on people’s trial-needs, and if any of them are willing to pay some amount for them.
In this case, players can find trials as they normally do while playing, come search ‘lab trial,’ on wraeclub or something, and find users with their offered price, per trial (preferably within their titles, so that players with trials dont have to dig a bunch, to find what people are offering (not a whole lot, in most cases, we’d imagine)).
If listings make players dig too deep (price not in title/glance-suitable – they likely won’t even bother checking on people’s needs, here; because its presumably not worth their time, for most players. If done correctly, and smoothly – this might finally serve as a better-than-present solution, when users need their trials ASAP (yes!). We’ll see how it goes!
There is a website with a handy tool here, to help track trials as well (no going back to act 3 or something, to see what trials you completed or not). The poelab trial tracker (handy little tool to track trials)
Hideout Templates

When it comes to decorating hideouts, some people out there put insane amounts of time decorating and thoughtfully planning each decorations location for hideouts.
If you’d like a particular hideout theme via template, perhaps consider placing a WTB order in this category of listings. Things you might request, could be:
-WTB trading-oriented template (zana hideout) – this might entail things, like: t4t spelled on ground; stashes and a vendor located right by the wp; etc
-WTB meta-crafting oriented template (tora hideout) – this might entail things, like: masters lined up beside eachother, each beside their respective benches; the ‘line’ of masters/benches forming a U-shape around the stash, so that no bench is far from the stash when jumping from bench to bench in a meta-crafting session
-Use your imagination, but be clear on what it is exactly that you’re looking for
Users with templates to offer can contact you here, and show screenshots of what they have, that fits your criteria. If you like what they have, throw em your buyout price and they’ll throw you their template! Easy.
official forums hideout stuff (could be good food for thought).