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Description of Category: Group Listings - Temp League Push Groups

This category is intended for listings which aim to form a group, in which each player seeks to party up the moment a new league begins. These groups – often called ‘push groups – aim to work together, in order to ‘push’ through the content, such as quests, as fast and as efficiently as possible. Members of these parties would ideally match one another, in terms of general PoE-racing experience. Members for these listings would have, ideally, ironed out specific questing-related decisions (ie- who goes left, who goes right, in act 2, for example), member-roles (ie- who stays behind to do _________, when ______; who is supposed to do _______, end-game; who trades for who, and who doesnt trade at all; etc), as well as other applicable details the group members consider important. Presumably, these considerations – as well as others – will be mentioned, to some degree, by each listing’s author.

Here’s an episode of ‘poetalk’ with 2 of the games most consistent, top-performing players in poe history – see how THEY get ready for a new temp-league.