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Description of Category: Group Listings - Private League Planning

This category’s listings are created by someone with an idea and intent to get a group of players together to plan, fund, and initiate the creation of their own PoE private leagues to play. Details, players, and more can be collaboratively ironed out and planned here. Let other WraeClub members find your listing here, and perhaps become an integral part in bringing the idea to life.

More information on private leagues, so far (official forum posts):
11-4-18 announcement
11-11-18 announcement
page on the wiki

Info Related to a private league's actual purchase (links provided):

For crowdfunders, heres a convenient link to purchase points
–> PoE points shop <–

Here’s where you can actually create a league, selecting options as you please and what not. It will pre-calculate your total, before creating it (as you might expect).
–> Create your own private league, here <–

Note: Here are their simple rates:
50 Points……… $5.00
100 Points…… $10.00
200 Points…… $20.00