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Description of Category: Event Listings - Arbitrary Events

This category’s listings have potential to be the most fun and rewarding. Literally, if you can think it – and it makes sense, of course – then go for it! Compete on whatever grounds your imagination can conjure…
These are designed to be arbitrary in nature, meaning:
– Rules can be [whatever!]
– Competitive Task/Objective can be [whatever!]
– Time/Location of event can be [when/where-ever!]
– Reward/Prize can be [whatever!]
Perhaps identify a personal, niche strength you might have vs. others. For example:
– Are you familiar with little layout/mini-map tricks – such as stairs (and wagon) setups on the way to piety in act 3? GOOD! Race others from the start of that instance, to piety…
– Think your DPS is higher than the vast majority of players? GOOD! See who can ‘delete’ the shaper, the fastest.
– This guy had the right idea lol (random noticeboard entry, happened to notice):
If you’d like a bit more structure to you competitions, consider using the community hosted race events’ posts, as examples to follow: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/search?q=community+hosted+race+events&restrict_sr=on&include_over_18=on
Notes on rewards:
Rewards/prizes for winners is not a necessity – there can be none, if desired.
Those who don’t ‘pay up,’ upon losing… be sure to let wraeclub members know, by leaving feedback on the individual(s) and/or their posts. Requiring participants to stream, MAY help enforce ‘paying up,’ to some degree.
This site offers chat implementations that allow users to communicate (and be notified) in real time – ideal for group collaboration and communication. Refer to the “how to use the chat (PM) embed” page, for any clarification on how to go about implementing the feature for YOUR posts/listings!
Before creating a listing, you may want to consider this site’s ‘search’ feature, to ensure that what you’re in need of isnt already listed, here.

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If you have some, yourself… Let us hear it! Thanks.