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Description of Category: Event Listings

This category’s listings are created by someone with a competitive event of some kind in mind. Events can be 1v1 or party-play – up to you, and your imagination!
These are designed to be arbitrary in nature, meaning:
– Rules can be [whatever!]
– Competitive Task/Objective can be [whatever!]
– Time/Location of event can be [when/where-ever!]
– Reward/Prize can be [whatever!]
Easy examples of these kinds of listing include (but are not limited to):
– pvp battles
– timed races (distance based)
– timed races (level-based)
– and more….
Notes on rewards:
Rewards/prizes for winners is not a necessity – there can be none, if desired.
Those who don’t ‘pay up,’ upon losing… be sure to let wraeclub members know, by leaving feedback on the individual(s) and/or their posts. Requiring participants to stream, MAY help enforce ‘paying up,’ to some degree.

(See spoiler, below, titled: “Rewards: Cash, MTX, etc.” also)
This site offers chat implementations that allow users to communicate (and be notified) in real time – ideal for group collaboration and communication. Refer to the “how to use the chat (PM) embed” page, for any clarification on how to go about implementing the feature for YOUR posts/listings!
Before creating a listing, you may want to consider this site’s ‘search’ feature, to ensure that what you’re in need of isnt already listed, here.

Be sure to check out other players’ unique ideas related to this category, here:
Community Brainstorming (Arbitrary Event Ideas)

If you have some, yourself… Let us hear it! Thanks.

Rewards: Cash, MTX, etc.

The subject of ‘RMT’ is a touchy one; but it seems that offering cash rewards for community-driven events’ winners does NOT break GGG’s Terms of Service, from an RMT standpoint! This is very interesting – imagine getting paid, to be good at PoE! :)

There have been several ‘races’ as of late, hosted by various popular streamers, which have offered cash rewards, mtx / mystery boxes, etc. In some cases, these events have been publicly acknowledged (and touted) by GGG staff members, essentially confirming that offering cash prizes and what not, is ‘OK,’ by them.

For example, there was an event hosted by streamer ‘Kammell,’ in which cash prizes were awarded to the winners. This particular even took place 1-26-19, during 3.5 Betrayal league.

Here, we have Bex (GGG staff) creating an official forum post announcing kammell’s event. Here, she links to kammels event’s details, states that “wed like to encourage your own events and demonstrate your skills in path of exile,” and acknowledges the cash prize fully by saying “The prize money is financed by Kammell out of his own pocket.”

That being said, since cash prizes and mtx-type givaways seem to be fair-game in GGG’s eyes; you may feel free to follow kammell’s footsteps by offering cash rewards here on wraeclub, as well; should you so desire. If you’re ever confused about what rewards might be allowed, feel free to contact GGG, directly to avoid getting into trouble (if that’s possible).

Before creating event listings here, you are encouraged to check out various community driven events around the web (reddit; poe forums; etc) to generate ideas for racing/pvp/etc. objectives, rules, rewards, and how to organize them (as well as enforce their rules). As you do so, feel free to head over and leave a comment on wraeclub’s Community Brainstorming (Arbitrary Event Ideas) page, to share cool ideas, brainstorm together as a community, and discuss all the cool things you guys can compete in.

Good luck, exiles!