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Welcome to Wraeclast.club (aka, “WraeCLub”) and thanks for stopping by! If you’re new here, here’s what this site is about…

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Summary of Main [Parent] Categories:

Here on WraeClub, you can find/create custom-listings created by other Path of Exile players. These listings are intended to be used for things in-game, such as:

  • EVENT LISTINGS, which aim to assist in organizing/match-making for custom community “race” events, such as content you might find streamers engaging in. If you’re not sure what these kinds of events are and/or what they might entail; or if you’re looking for ideas because you might be interested in creating one, here is a good starting place. These competitive events can be what ever fun idea you can think of, really. Incentives for participation include anything from: just for entertainment, to cash rewards, even – whatever the creator/host chooses. This category of listings was also created to help organize and facilitate two groups of players that go virtually unrecognized, these days; and those are:

    • 1. PvP players (the few that are out there), and
    • 2. Players who miss old-school GGG-sponsored mini-races/events (such as those that used to be found on https://pathofexile.com/seasons)

    By giving these groups of players a place to find competitive events of their liking, quickly and easily, we hoped this could help reignite their competitive flames themselves, rather than waiting on GGG to get back to paying them any attention, basically.

  • GROUP LISTINGS, which aim to help players find/create groups of a certain nature, with ease. Rotations (‘rotas’), push groups, leveling parties, etc. This category of listings is relatively self-explanatory.
  • INDIVIDUAL LISTINGS, which are listings whose purpose can be served with the addition of a single individual (unlike ‘groups’ where, typically, ‘the more the merrier,’ holds true). For example, if I sell crafting services and a single person whispers me and pays for a service… the listing’s purpose has been fulfilled without necessarily aiming for a larger party. One individual is all that was required (though if more people DID happen to message me for my service at aprox. the same time; then, despite now being a group, this group-setting is a coincidence and not a necessity). These listings largely revolve around players providing carries or other in-game services [often, in exchange for in-game currency]. Common examples, for instance, could include lab carries, boss kills, challenge completion services, etc; though there are many more types of in-game services than those just mentioned. Also, the list of potential services to offer changes over time as path of exile and the needs within it evolve. Other types of ‘individual listings,’ could be bounties (essentially buy-orders being placed on things which are not easily (or quickly) acquired from trade websites); quest-line rushes; and more. Check out the ‘Browse Listings’ menu-item to expand the list and see other types of common listings, for ‘individual listings.’
  • MISC LISTINGS are for anything else you might want others to find/see, really; that doesn’t already fit into one of the other main categories, too well. If you’re just chilling, streaming, this could go there. If you’re selling individual services which dont have sub/child-categories of their own [such as MTX demo services or some other non-common activity], this could go here. Before the summoner re-work, some people used to give shaper portals to summoners for tips and such, so that the summoner could come in and raise high lvl spectres – misc listings would be a fine place to put a listing such as that, as well. You get the idea.

In the end, though, category selection (when creating a post) is not critical for your post’s success. Users will still be able to search/filter using keywords such as ‘lab carry,’ ‘crafting service,’ etc. and find your post with ease, regardless of your post’s category. These categories really just serve a purpose when trying to BROWSE through listings (rather than search by key words and such).

TIP: For what it’s worth… When your creating a post, you’ll always be able to refer to this little box that says “Category Selection Guide,” which has more info on categories, for those who care. If you’d want to select the category correctly, for your new post, then this helps you pick which one(s) to select. This ensures those who are browsing (not SEARCHING for something really specific) will find your listing in the most relevant places they’re looking through. Basically, this just gives your listing a bit more targeted exposure, for finding its right audience. To see a preview of what this box looks like, so you’ll recognize it (if you havn’t create a post before),
just click the following image to zoom/enlarge:

GGG’s ToS & RMT-Related Content:

Do note that there are to be NO LISTINGS WHICH RELATE TO ACTIVITIES INVOLVING RMT (real money trading) SERVICES/BOUNTIES/ETC. on this website. Users are encouraged to check out GGG’s Terms Of Service to ensure you are not engaging in activities that GGG would disapprove of. Content that this site’s users create which may be in violation of the ToS linked above (such as RMT-related content) will be removed. Multiple offenses may result in perma-bans for offending WraeClub users. Respect GGG’s rules, and users should be ‘all good,’ when creating WraeClub listings/content 🙂 . Users are also encouraged to report offending listings if they find them on WraeClub. Users can do so by using the form on our Contact Us page (be sure to include a link to the offending content you’ve found, so that appropriate action can be taken upon the correct content).

Thanks for your understanding, exiles!

Help Support:

Currently, there is no form of monetization on WraeClub. Depending on bandwidth requirements in the future, this could change (though expenses which would cause a need to monetize are far away at the moment, due to the site spending most of its life in the development and feedback stages (ie- server costs from traffic are low)). That said…

If you like using WraeClub – or, if you like the idea of what it is and what it aims to accomplish as a tool/resource in the path of exile community – then the absolute BEST thing you could do to support the project is to “help us, help you!”

You can do this by telling your friends and others about the site, if you think they could truly benefit from using it, in some way. In doing so, you spread awareness for WraeClub, which – in turn – makes it that much more useful to yourself, as well as all of its other users. The more ppl see and use this site, the more effective of a tool it becomes to path of exile players. Without users to see your post – why post? Without people posting, why come see [non-existant] posts? See?

Please share this resource with others so that we can spend more time mapping and less time spamming/stalking global chats.