Temp-League (SC)
[SAMPLE LISTING] Intermediary services for event-listing rewards – 5c min

In the event listings, it is possible for competitors to lose and not payout to the winners (if a reward is covered, in the event’s message) – not cool! I figured I’d offer my intermediary services, to those interested in having an independent party hand off the rewards accordingly, in event listings, to ensure a fair win gets its fair prize. Check my feedback here on this post, to ensure I’m legit!

To be considered worth my time, I charge the greater value of either:
A) 5chaos, or
B) 2% single-sided prize value (to be clear, NOT: (loser’s stake * 2%)+(winner’s stake * 2%); just (one side’s * 2%)). This assumes that each side’s stake equals the other’s (which… should almost always be the case, unless someone out there is willing to lose more than potentially win (unfair; unlikely)).

Plz do not message me without a willingness to forego my ‘cut,’ of the action!