Temp-League (SC)
WTS Helm or Boots Enchant Service // Uber Carry Sao Paulo or Texas Realm

Hi, i like to uber lab and I’ll be glad to help you and get the right enchant for your build.

Do you hate the lab but you really want your enchant?

OK, i’ll do the work for you while you are watching netflix!

My enchant Service:

You ask me the enchant desired and trade me the item, provide me offerings and twice enchanted prophecies. I’ll link every enchant to you. Can stream if u need/want. I’ll probably run even when you are offline, but you get screenshots for every enchant what i get. When i get the enchant, i’ll give you the enchanted helm or boots and the offerings + twice enchanted not used and you pay my fee.

Boots service fee: 4 ex

Helm service fee: 25ex

IGN: XOreosLabberX

League: Delirium SC

Realms: Sao Paulo Realm // Texas


I’m doing Uber Lab Carry as well, 5c+ your offering ** I won’t babysit ** . Feel free to give me a review to keep improving my service


Thxs, have fun.