Standard (SC)
[STANDARD] Smoke’s Bounties – [almost] free currency!

sup guys. i usually run and maintain/update a post like this one in leagues (seen here), but ill summarize how these posts work, for the sake of this standard version of this post (click my link above if you’re still confused – it lays out how these bounty posts that i make work, in far more detail)…

1. i provide a link(s) for you, listing shit i want ppl to buy for me
2. for each link/item, i tell you what I’m willing to pay you for each item you gather from said link(s)
3. you go buy the item(s) which are listed for LESS than i’m paying you <— the diff b/w what im paying you per item, and what you wind up paying for the item equals your profit, each.
4. before spending lots of money on stuff for me, u might want to check with me first before buying a buncha shit (bc i may be done buying the stuff); HOWEVER, i generally do a good job of updating these posts, taking the stuff off my wraeclub posts as needed (ie- if you come check this post and the link for item(s) is/are gone, then im done buying the shit – no need to ask me).

1. i give a link to buy shaper rings @ some certain ilvl and some certain base-types
2. i say im paying 5c each
3. u use my poeapp link (and ONLY my link, so u dont fuck up and buy the wrong ilvl/base-type or something (which i wont be paying you for, for fucking up; since i clearly state to ONLY use my links, here, multiple times, for YOUR safety)) and u buy 100 rings @ 2c each.
4. in this example you spend 2*100=200c and i pay you 5*100=500c. your profit is 300c (which is more than double your money).

Again, if you’re still confused, go read my league-version of this post (pasted at the top of this post), which has a wall of text describing how these things work. While you’re there, feel free to check my other post’s feedback/rating if you think i’m doing some sketchy shit – i assure you I am not. feel free to call my bluff too, with a sample of stuff you gather for me, if it helps you feel better.

Hell, on that note… If – after doing business with me – you’d feel inclined to come leave some feedback/ratings indicating whether i scammed you or not via comment AND [more importantly] giving me a star rating at the top of this post (near the title),

i’ll pay 8c/comment & 12c per star-rating, on this post


This helps ensure others that im not bullshitting, which i appreciate, since that helps me as well.

Anyways, all that said, here’s some shit in standard that i’m needing atm…

  1. any kind (and quantity) of these fossils @ 2.5c per fossil
  2. any kind (and quantity) of these CHAOTIC resonator @ 2.5c per resonator

Whenever you’re ready to cash out or w/e, jus pm me a message such as “829 [or whatever quantity you gathered] fossils” –> will maths –> invite & pay you