Temp-League (SC)

Hello there!

I´m offering a free crafting service for u all!

I´m just a casual player, but did a lot of Syndicate this league so i have  lot of the the important crafts. My services are completely free, only tip if u want. It´s easy u whisper me we clear if i have the craft-u give me the cost and that´s about it. If u provide me a beast i can also do beastcrafts-should ii fail i will pay u thee cost of the beast back. I would really appreciate if u are happy with me that u leave a rating, also please leave a comment so others now I´m not a scammer.

Ratings would really help so my post get shown up when pl sort by ratings. Ty u all

Godd news EVERYONE: i have now all crafts except some focus related-stuff and the (in my opinion) worse flask mods(rarity, damge taken leeched as life and mana cost)!