Temp-League (SC)
Hall Of GrandMaster’s Carry(10c)

Hall of Grandmaster’s Service

Online Now <——–

Hi everyone thank you so much for using my service during Legion. I had a blast and many conversations with all of you! My shop is now open!

Why Should you consider my service?
Over 800+ carries during Legion with over 43 hours in the map itself.
You know your receiving a safe and trustworthy service.

I’m doing a fast and quick service for killing HOGM. I try to do this for a relatively small fixed fee (see below)
Ready to do the hardwork for you.

The main services I do are as follows:
– Hall of Grandmaster’s

If for some odd reason the service fails, I will refund you fully or to retry the service

HOGM = 10c


– All drops and loot are mine. In return for doing the one of the hardest content in the game for you.

My forum thread:

Ign: HOGM_Carries