Temp-League (SC)
Bounty on Harbinger orbs, WTB 18c each

How this will work:
Step 1: You buy the requested items paying with your own currency.
Step 2: I buy those items from you at the listed prices below, if you do this right, you’ll make profit!

Why do i do this?
Because I am just too lazy to pm lots of people for the items, since I need high volumes but don’t have the time to spend buying them individually.

Here you can find links to the item searches that I want (so you can’t make any mistakes!!!) 

PLEASE PM me in game before spending large amounts of time/currency buying for me, to make sure that I can comfortably pay for the amount you’re buying! THE JOURNEY 6 CHAOS PER CARD HARBINGER ORB 18 CHAOS EACH


Thank you all