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4 + 5 Legion Service! /view-thread/2575156


This is Huy. Some of you may know me from my small stream or guide that I’ve written 🙂. I wasn’t originally planning to make a service thread, but after lots of requests and successful carries for friends and others, I’m prompted to finally make a one for Legion!

I’m currently doing 4 (29c) and 5 (59c) Legion carry service for those interested. Your Emblems, your loot. With my current gear and setup, max loot rows (visual cap) are consistently hit + extras (not seen) are earned!

I’m planning to streaming at 10PM PST each day. If you’re interested, please check out my stream at and discord (link) if you want to get in the queue.

I also have most of the crafting recipes. Just ask @HuyLegion 😉 Tips appreciated ♥