Temp-League (SC)
[MSC] Smoke’s Bounties – [almost] free currency!

My current fetch-list, for now, is as follows:
Nothing Right now Sorry be back soon…
Feedback-Task What I’ll pay You Notes…
STAR RATING be back soon… <— Put as many stars as you feel like
I deserve, based on our interaction
Comment/Review be back soon… <— Say whatever about our interaction
that you feel like saying (be honest)

Sup ppl – thanks for checking this out. If you’re new to this post, here’s what its about…

Im not always tryin to whisper ppl for 3 hours or some shit, jus to get various things from ppl on trading sites… Instead, sometimes, i’d rather pay ppl to fetch shit for me – they just to do the whispering, FOR me, basically.

How it works:

1. i say i want something(s) and I’m willing to pay x-amount, for each one. I will provide the links for these items, so that you search for EXACTLY what im wanting, no mistakes.
2. using said links that i provide, you go buy the shit for me. make sure that you spend less than ‘x’ (what i pay you), if you want to profit on each successful whisper.
if you wanna make some certain amount of profit, per item, dont pay more than: [my x-amount]-[what you’d pay the ppl, per item] = [your profit]. see?
for example: if im offering x=5c, per [whatever], and you wanna make at least 2c per item; then dont buy anything from the links i provide, for more than 3c. if you wanted you can jus set live alerts even, at my links pages with max buyouts of 3c and jus wait to get the things at that price, ‘passively’ over time. when ur ready to cash out, bring em all to me, i pay you 5c each – profit! this could be hundreds of [whatever] in many cases. Sometimes its fossils, sometimes rings, and other random shit – it’ll vary.


To avoid frustration on your part, it’s prolly best to check wit me before you go out and fetch what you consider ‘alot of money’s worth,’ of something. I’d hate for you to buy 20ex of fossils and me only be down to buy 3ex worth or some shit… Basically, before you go HAM – hit me up first, to double check if i need something still, and about how much worth of it i still need (jus to be safe and see if u should even bother).

Feel free to come back and check this post, whenever you’d like; to see if my list has been updated with other fetching-opportunities you might be interested in!


if you come back to this listing, to leave feedback (a comment, below the post) indicating that i did in fact pay you and such; as well as a star-rating (star-icons, near top of post)

then I will throw in an additional # of chaoschaos orb, for each of those 2 tasks (# of chaos, per task, can be found in table, up top, near my post’s intro (same area containing my fetch list)).

  1. FEEDBACK/COMMENT – This is so that other ppl know I’m not bullshitting and what not (thus, bother gathering stuff for me xD ).
  2. STAR-RATING – This helps my listing show up, when ppl sort by the ‘rating’ column, on the homepage and stuff.

If u liked our interactions (or not), indicate such via those 2 tasks, as you see fit.

I will always try to remember to come back and edit this post accordingly, as needed (so that this list stays relatively ‘fresh’ and accurate). I’m a shitty little human and forget shit sometimes tho, as a result; so again… that’s another reason to check wit me first (as mentioned above).