Standard (SC)
[SAMPLE LISTING] Bored in Standard – elder/shaper chasing group!

Hello! I’ve become bored with the league a bit early so this go round… So, I’ve gone back to standard league in order to play there and test some things and ideas out… In the process, I’d like to kill a few birds wit the same stone, as I do stuff with all that – namely, I’d like to basically run nothing but (or CLOSE to ‘nothing but,’) shaper/elder content because I’d like to also try crafting various bases to play with the new mods a bit more.

First of all, there’s an Issue I’m having… Sustaining maps (ones worth running) has been a bit difficult to do, with high tiers. I’ll be running low soon… I’d happily buy some maps to help with that, but – again – im in STANDARD! Nobody will transfer leagues to sell stuff; if i need specific maps, the odds of a standard player, actively playing around the time i pm him (when i need the map), possessing the map i need and willing to sell it (now + at a reasonable price)… become increasingly stacked against me, especially as the tiers and the linear layouts of certain maps (player preferences / ‘good maps’) come into play. If youve tried buying things in standard, mid league before, you can probably relate.

So before im completely out and have nothing to do basically, id like to form a group, so we can share map pools and chase new uber elder content and shaped/elder bases, on high tier maps (red). Can run fast, casual, whatever – doesnt matter to me; its up to you guys!

So if your bored in standard; can run (and contribute towards running) shaper/elder stuff within high map-tiers and what not – lets do this!

cool and thx