Temp-League (SC)
[Crafting Service] +2 Support Gems, Multimod, Prefix/Suffix can’t be changed, etc..

Hey, I’m offering crafting services on LSC.

I got many crafts such as the ones listed on the topic but I do not have Hits can’t be evaded/-mana cost on skills.

If you are interested in my service, please bring the necessary crafting cost as well as the fees and whisper me @FlameblastDuelist.

Here are the fees for my service:

6 link: 35c

+2 support gem craft: 30c

Multimod: 15c

Increased damage: 10c

Anything else: 5c


To make it easier for you, here is a list of crafts I do NOT have(I won’t respond to you if you ask me what craft I have available):

added phys + bleed on hit

additional curse

Armor + es

Armor + eva

Armor during soul prevention

Attack/cast speed (Rank 3 rings/amu/quiver)

attack speed while focussed

all attributes

avoid ele dmg during soul prevention

avoid freeze

brand attachment range

cast speed/arcane surge on kill

% double dmg when focussed

chaos dmg / chaos skill duration

chaos dot multiplier

chaos/phys dmg

cold dmg/chance to freeze (rank 3)

cooldown recovery speed

crit chance/added chaos/elemental dmg on crit

crit chance/gain frenzy

crit chance/crit multi on shatter

crit chance during flask effect

crit chance is lucky during focus

crit multi near rare/unique (rank 3)

curse effect (rank 2)

dmg taken leeched as life during flask

dmg while leeching

dmg as extra chaos dmg

dmg during flask effect

dmg per end charge

dmg with non-vaal skill during soul prevention

dodge chance during focus

dodge spell dmg

duration of ailments while focussed

effect of fortify while focussed

eva rating regen as life while focussed


fire dmg/chance to ignite

fire/lightning dmg

flask effect

flask effect/reduce charges gained

immune to ailments while focussed

life regen

life regen during flask effect

lightning dmg/chance to shock

local life regen per minute during flask

mana cost during flask effect

mana/dmg taken gained as mana

mana/es when you focus

mana/es per second


minimum power charges

minion attack/cast speed

minion recover life when you focus

movement speed/can’t be chilled

movement speed/chance to avoid stun during flask

movement speed/onslaught on kill (rank 3)

movement speed/speed when not hit

onslaught during soul prevention

phys converted to cold/light dmg

physical taken as fire %

physical damage + chance to poison

projectile modifier (rank 3)

quality of gems (rank 3)

rarity of items found during flask

rarity of items from rare/unique

skills cost no mana when focussed

spell dmg/mana regen

summon spectral wolf on kill

totem placement speed (rank 3)

trap throw speed (rank 3)

trigger spells when you focus

vaal pact/ dmg leech as life while focussed.