Standard (SC)
WTB temple rooms [craft unlocks]: Traps/Mines[2]+Criticals[3] – paying 2ex/room

wussuuuuuuuuuuuuup. got 2 crafts left to get on the bench (from temple, anyways). Not too active these days, keeping up with dailies and what not (alva, in this case)…

crafts needed

  • Traps and mines – rank 2
    (the temple of atzoatl – trap workshop, temple defense workshop, or defense research lab)
  • Criticals – rank 3 (the temple of atzoatl – workshop, engineering department, or factory

ign… smoke_dawg, ofc.

playing league mainly atm, but will hop into std (no problem). I’m always online basically (mostly afk) – whisper and im likely nearby and will probably hear your pm in the background… thx in advance. peace