Standard (SC)
[sample listing] WTB extremely niche helm enchant – 25ex

Key Info:
1. niche item = wtb helm enchant (skullhead + chance for discharge not to consume charges)
2. bounty/reward = offering 25ex for anyone willing to create (and sell) this item to me

Description/Other Details:
1. checked poetrade – nada! (STANDARD – on&off line… shits non-existent)
2. In almost any case, nobody would farm enchants aiming for this [usually] undesirable combo – understandably – so it never gets created and listed…
3. i have been looking (and farming for it, myself) for 2 months; hopefully this post and its bounty/reward will help speed things up
4. you can probably hit me up using the pm box or twitch chat, above… but in case that doesnt work, you might want to try me in-game… my ign = DontBotherAsking_Why