Temp-League (SC)
[sample listing] act/quest/storyline completion services

when it comes to poe’s quests/storyline/acts/etc. things can get tedious and/or sometimes overlooked.

in these cases, when you need help completing something related to any of this content, i can offer my services.

  1. waypoints – i have each and every one. any you need, i will provide for 1chaos, each.
  2. quests (for skillpoints) – if for some reason you’d like help completing any of these, i will help for 2chaos each.
  3. quests (non-skillpoints) – why?! but of course ill help… 2chaos each.
  4. quests (end-game; after oriath/epilogue is reached) – quests such as the memory eater (where you obtain all those memory fragments)… I dont offer services for these.

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