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[sample listing] WTB hideout template (zana + trading-orientation) – 10c

hey guys. Im not good at making cool looking hideouts, but i want one! I’m willing to pay 10c for each template that i like, if anybody has some that would fit my criteria. These criteria arent much, but they are:

  • Zana Hideout: i love her layout most of all
  • Trading-oriented: as a frequent trader, I’m in and out of my hideout (and others, in and out of mine) quite often. as a result, it makes sense that the stashes be near the wp. a vendor by the stash, for efficient vendoring (no running around required, from vendor, to stash) would be good too. I would also like what i see some people have, where it spells ‘t4t’ or some other trading-related phrase, spelled on the floor in decorative pieces.

i imagine i might swap hideout templates out, with other ones, from time to time just to get a ‘change of scenery.’ as such, a nice little pool of ones to choose from would be ideal, so there isnt some hard-set limit on the number of these templates im willing to purchase, at the moment.

thanks for your time guys!