Temp-League (SC)
[sample listing] Atlas Completion (“rush”) services

hello. would you like to hurry up and have your full 159/159 atlas completion, finished? im here to help with that. i have a TS ranger (deadeye) with insane movement speed, high-tier clear speed, and high-tier survivability. Allow me to enter your map and sprint to as many bosses as you care to pay me to, and kill them.

All you do is open the map, come in with me, and stand/wait RIGHT THERE!

Typical runs for t14’s or less take at most, 2 minutes (with almost no exceptions to this). T15’s and 16’s generally take 4-5min, with depending on the map mods, and boss (chimaira; hydra; other guardians; etc).

1. I charge 2c, per map boss.
2. If you’d like to include a couple buddies, and we use all 6 TP’s per map; i can run you all at the same time, for 1chaos/person. This discount applies once there is a party of 4 or more.

Here are the rules, and things to be aware of:
1. all maps (and currency to roll them) come from your own pools of maps/currency.
2. i do not run physical reflect
3. i do not run unidentified maps, so to avoid phys reflect
4. you open portal in YOUR map device, to ensure YOUR atlas completion is the one being worked-on
5. we both enter a map portal at the same time
6. after loading the screen, to the map; i will check mods on map to confirm no physical reflect mods are present
7. once mods check-out, i take it from here! you just sit back, chill, and reflect in ‘awe’ at how fast i just ran into the distance lol.
8. i kill boss, you confirm ‘completion’ on atlas, we hop out, then new map.
9. MAPS I DO NOT DO WITH THIS BUILD (and are not covered in my listing, here): Hall of the grandmasters, and the corrupted t16 “Vaal Temple Map.”
(For those… you can check out my wclub profile > posts > find my “HOGM services” listings)

PROTIP: before entring the tp for each map, bring a couple maps/alts/trans/chaos/alchs/chisels/vaal with you. This way you can spend this [small amount of] time waiting, on me to get to the boss, on rolling your maps as needed. This ensures that once the boss is dead and your atlas displays the completion confirmation signs, we’re basically ready to hop out, and then RIGHT BACK into another one. This saves us lots of time, otherwise spent in your hideout staring at the floor while you roll maps.

– in the event SO unlikely, that its literally never happened, and i rip all of your portals (in a non-phys reflect map), i will reimburse you for the value of the map’s base, multiplied by 3. this should compensate your loss of map value, currency rolling it, and a little extra to say ‘oops, my bad. sry.’