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[sample listing] Build Advice Services

Sup folks. As a hardcore poe player since beta and an serial theory-crafter with several popular build guides created over the years, I’m offering 10min time-slots, to look over peoples PoB links, trees, items, etc.

10min = 20chaos (in league Softcore or standard (your call))
if you arent satisfied with my input, tips, etc; i may consider taking 10c instead of the full 20c. If you are not satisfied after 2 or 3 sessions (resulting in half payment, or whatever), then we likely disagree on fundamental things which pretty much implies at that point “lets stop wasting eachothers’ time!” As a result, your ign/acct/wraeclub-name/etc. will be documented, and i will remember we’re not good to do business together. nothing personal. this also avoids people consistently asking me for my time and advice, only to claim ‘not satisfied,’ then return for another session, ‘not satisfied’ and so on (getting the 50% discount or whatever, each time, exploiting my efforts and wasting my time – not cool)!

that said, feel free to reach out to me with whatever build/tree/gear questions you may have!

Before doing so however, it is recommended that you install (and become familiar with) path of building, at the very least.

Thanks guys!