Temp-League (SC)
[sample listing] Magic Finding – lfm!


SUP GUYS!! Just got my windripper MF build all set up and good to go… looking to form a party with a few dedicated players, down to grind for a few hours. If the group is ‘good,’ and we work well together, I would be willing to do this on a daily basis…

my mf = 9823982iiq//20iir

remaining roles to fill in the group (5):
1. aurabot + experienced player
2. DPS (non-slayer, so i get the cull) + experienced player
3. tank if possible + experienced player
4. tank if possible + experienced player
5. tank if possible + experienced player

For any viewers interested in viewing our progress/results on our MF quests… Checkout my stream in this listing – if I’m on and we’re MFing, I’ll be streaming, right here!

If you’d like to join, simply message me here too (via twitch’s chat or the real-time chat (either is fine))!