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Community Creativity: Event Listing concepts

Here is a simple page, that simply serves as a collection of interesting concepts in which players have ‘theory crafted,’ so to speak lol. These suggestions SHOULD help other players generate various ideas, which could result in really fun competitive events to participate in, add to stream/youtube content, or whatever else! Reliance on ggg for events and mini-racing fun… HA!

In particular, this page should be a collection of interesting ideas for arbitrary event listings, like:

  1. Grounds for Competition:”races,” based on time, distance traveled, and other ‘INSIDE’ the box type of ideas are bound to get old, eventually. What are some other fun things you guys can think of, in which a ‘winner’ may be declared. No wrong answers!
    [example: low level hailrake races – first with ten characters to complete the medicine chest quest wins! verification via streaming and possession of 10 quicksilvers (or whatever other flasks) wins.] Still largely dependent on time and distance traveled, but you get the idea!

  2. Rewards themselves: “5chaos” <— not creative… lol. Maybe re-circulate some items that – otherwise – would never fall into newer players’ possessions (‘cheaply,’ anyways). Alt arts; legacy gear – WHO’s GAME?!

  3. Rules imposed: no flasks; only white items (or other strange gear combos/limitations); only movement skills; no mini-map; cant use TP’s; etc. Cool stuff players could impose, to ‘spice things up.’

Create comments with your ideas, here – perhaps with something ctrl+f’able, pertaining to which criteria your inputting a suggestion/idea for (event itself; rewards; rules; etc).

Once these ideas start flowing, we will create an rss feed to output all the answers into a database, to analyze (and likely, display on-site somewhere).

Have fun guys!

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